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Bubble Bar

White or Black Bubble Bar with Tap and Keg/CO2: $325

Without tap and Keg/CO2: $250

Size: 48 x 17 or 63 x 22

Rustic Bar

Cost: $350

Size: 70 x 27

Remington Bar

Remington with Black or White Front: $300

Size: 25 x 50

White Vintage Cart

 Rental $65

With Bartending Services $50


Herringbone Bar

White and Oak Herringbone Bar with Tap and Keg: $300
Without Tap and Keg: $225

Vintage Bar Cart

Cost: $250

Size: 48L x 22W x 50H

Champagne Wall

Do you want to add a little something fun to your event to add some flair?

Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Holds 55 glasses: $200
With Champagne glasses: $250 
Provide us a little more info on your event and what your vision is, and we will create the perfect set up for you and your guests.

Champagne Wall

Chiefs and Royals Bag Toss

Set of Two: $75

Add Bag Toss to Bartending Booking: $50

Size: 22.5W x 47L

Large Jenga

Complete Set: $60


Add Large Jenga to Bartending Booking: $40


Wine Barrel

One Barrel: $50

Add Wine Barrell to Bartending Booking: $30

Size: 34 x 17

Oversized Standing Umbrellas

White or Peach: $75


Add to Bartending Booking: $50

Size: 106.4W x 96.5 H

Rolling Ice Chest

Rolling Ice Chest: $60

Add Ice Chest to Bartending Booking: $40

Size: 33h x 31l x 15w

Large Galvanized Tubs

40 gallon tub 2ft x 4ft x 1ft: $75

Add to Bartending Booking: $60

Backdrop Decor Wall


$150 rental

$100 rental with Bartending Package 

Trailergating Bar

Looking to take your Sports Tailgating to new heights? We have partners with Trailergating to offer a Pop-Up Mobile Bar!

– Two Keg Capacity: 2 Beer Faucets with powered Kegorator

– Back back shelf and speed rails allow for full bar set up

– 6-9 bar stools ready for customers

– Two TVs are provided for beer menu, live over-the-air TV or Ad sponsorship space

– Large gas grill on back of trailer

– Standard 15 amp outlet is needed