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Vintage Bar Cart

Bubbly Vintage Bar

Any event can be elevated with our beautiful Bubbly Vintage Bar. Special Bubbly Bar top that allows for champagne bottles on tap.
You can rent the cart as is, or we can drop it off for you to set up and use as you see fit, or we can provide the glassware for the Champagne and an attendant for the Bubbly Bar to serve you and your guests.
Bubbly Bar

Frose’ Cart

Our Frose’ Cart provides a unique, fun and delicious way to provide a non-traditional cocktail service to your event or an add on to your already full bar.

  • Frose’ Cart
  • Cart Attendant
  • Base Syrups
  • 4 hour bartending option
  • Frose’ Machine
  • Set up and Breakdown
  • Frose’ Sign
  • Disposable Cups and Napkins


  • Upgrade on Glass wear
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Balloon Arrangements
  • Edible Flower for Garnish
  • Additional Lighting
  • Neon Sign
Frose’ Pricing starts at $500.00
frozen machine

Coffee Cart

An additional Fun and Unique way to serve your guests. You can use this cart as your center attraction or as an add on to our bubble bar or to your existing bar at your venue or event space. It can be used inside or outside.

Ideal for use as a Champagne Bar, Frozen Beverage Bar, Coffee/Cocoa Bar or to Display Desserts!

Set it up for Coffee and/or Cocoa. Our Coffee Cart Rental Package provides a unique and creative way to serve coffee at your wedding, corporate event or party you host.

Coffee Cart Pricing – Starting at $400.00

Winter Styled Shoot 12-7-2022-171


  • Coffee Cart
  • Cart Attendant
  • Brewed Coffee Service
  • 2 hours of Service 
  • Cups, Lids, Sleeves, Stirrers
  • Cream and Sugar Varieties
  • Set up and Breakdown
  • Coffee Signs


  • Additional Hours of Service
  • Syrups or Special Mixers
  • Cocoa Set up
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Balloon Arrangements
  • Additional Lighting
  • Neon Sign